ミッションボス 編集

これらのボスは、Dreadwing the PenguinErchius HorrorIxodoom、およびShockhopper MK Iで出現します。

Erchius Horror編集

エルキウスの怪は、Erchius Mining Facilityミッションで発見されています。


  • 本体には攻撃できない。
  • ビームをシールドまたはブロッキング武器でダメージを和らげるか、移動ブーストで回避する。
  • 落下ダメージを気を付ける。
ドロップ: Erchius Eye (10%), Figurine (5%)
召喚 Moontant
Crystal Boss.gif


は、Ceremonial Hunting Cavernsミッションで発見されています。

  • Ixodoomは避けすることができ、水平ラインの小さなショットを発射します。
  • 攻撃距離のある武器を装備する。
  • シェルが壊れると、数秒間動けなくなる。
ドロップ Ixodoom Claw (10%), Figurine (5%)
召喚 Ixoling

Asra Nox編集

Fought in the Great Pagoda Library mission.

Asra Nox appears at the end of the Hylotl mission. She has an energy shield, can turn into a Distortion Sphere and has a powerful sword.

戦略: Memorize her attack pattern, as it is almost exactly the same every time. After the Distortion Sphere attack, she will rest for a few seconds, allowing you to deal damage.
ドロップ: Solus Katana (10%), Figurine (5%)
Asra Nox Boss.gif

Kluex Avatar編集

Fought in the Grand Avian Temple mission.

The Kluex Avatar appears at the end of the Avian mission. It fires powerful laser blasts.

戦略: Avoid the spheres and projectiles the boss spreads around the room, pay close attention to each phase and anticipate the attacks. After an initial stationary phase the boss will fly around the room, cycling the stages again while moving.
ドロップ: Kluex Staff (10%), Figurine (5%)
Kluex Avatar.gif

Big Ape編集

Fought in the Miniknog Stronghold mission.

Big Ape appears at the end of the Apex mission. It fires powerful laser blasts.

戦略: Look for the gaps in the patterns of his attacks and damage projectors, every time a projector is destroyed Big Ape unleashes a plasma barrage which is very difficult to dodge.
ドロップ: Miniknog Launcher (10%), Figurine (5%)
Big Ape.gif

Bone Dragon編集

Fought in the The Baron's Keep mission.

The Bone Dragon appears at the end of the Glitch mission.

戦略: Avoid the cone of fire breath the dragon fires. Also try to direct it so you don't have to cross through the fire it leaves on the ground.
ドロップ: Dragonhead Pistol (10%), Figurine (5%)
Bone Dragon.png

The Ruin編集

Fought in the final mission.

The Ruin, or The Heart of Ruin, appears at the end of the final mission after opening the gate at the ark. It flails giant tentacles, fires powerful cone lasers from its eye and summons monsters to fight alongside it.

戦略: The Ruin has 3 main attacks. The first attack he will dish out is a cone of pure energy from his eye that will do massive amounts of damage if he lands it. The second attack consists of him spawning tentacles from the left and right side that will require movement towards the center of the fight. The third attack contains a teleport. He will open up his eye into another dimension and launch small balls in a random location. Dodge these. While the fight is going on, make sure to kill the minions on the ground and keep moving. Movement is key.
召喚: Misc Unique Monsters
The Ruin.png

Mini Bosses編集

Dreadwing the Penguin編集

Encountered in the Dreadwing mission, given by the penguin at the penguin bar at the outpost.

It appears as a giant flying saucers piloted by a penguin. It spawns penguin soldiers, tanks, and mini saucers. It attacks by shooting laser beams that can break blocks or slamming itself onto the ground.

This boss was first revealed in public stream at Insomnia Gaming Festival[1]

戦略: Jumping sideways when the ship drops down is key, attacking while it is low on the ground. A ranged weapon is very helpful in this encounter since the boss is flying.
ドロップ: Codex
召喚: Penguin, Penguin Tank, and Penguin Mini Ufo
Penguin UFO.png

Shockhopper MK I編集

Shockhopper MK I is a mini boss encounted in the quest Penguin Weaponry Testing Site, given by the penguin weapon merchant in the outpost.

After he's defeated the shop will open up, offering weapons for sale.

戦略: The boss uses melee attacks, missiles a ranged flamethrower and electric balls. Try to keep from staying too close and use walls to protect from flamethrower damage, hide from the balls when he does his AOE and shoot/slash missiles to reduce damage.
ドロップ: Codex
Shockhopper MK I.gif