Version 1.1.1編集

  • v. 1.1.1[1]
  • September 13th, 2016 (Unstable)
  • September 19th, 2016 (Stable)


Version 1.1.0編集

  • v. 1.1.0[2]
  • August 4th, 2016 (Nightly)
  • September 6th, 2016 (Unstable)
  • September 8th, 2016 (Stable)




New Items/Objects編集

Other Changes編集

Bug Fixes編集

  • Biome tenant merchants no longer sell materials for free
  • Fixed a few armor descriptions which were running long inside the crafting window.
  • Resolved an alignment issue with some armor stats inside the crafting window
  • Reduced damage fireworks deal
  • Monsters no longer spawn in moon atmospheres
  • Moontants, Apex Brain Mutants, and Apex Mutants are no longer capturable
  • Removed chance of stray monster spawning during arena sidequest
  • Fixed friendly NPCs and monsters being damaged by environmental effects such as traps
  • Fixed a few edge cases in pathfinding
  • Fixed several items displaying erroneous recipe unlocks when obtained
  • Fixed a bug causing underwater audio filters to continue after quitting to title
  • Fixed several cases of incorrect cursors displaying over GUI elements
  • Fixed a bug in LoS calculation determining whether the player can reach objects
  • Fixed a bug causing Dreadwing’s UFO to visually flip
  • Fixed a bug causing boats to oscillate at the surface of water
  • Fixed a bug causing physics AoE effects to move projectiles
  • Wire Mode overlay is now hidden on protected tiles
  • Lots of typographical/grammatical text fixes

Version 1.0.5編集

  • v. 1.0.5[3]
  • August 4th, 2016

We hadn’t intended to put out another patch so soon, but an odd bug was reported on the forums – putting an item in the hotbar, then placing it in the trash slot in your inventory, and then exiting the inventory window before the item was finished being removed was causing player files to become corrupted.

That’s fixed now! Any character that was broken by this specific bug should also be fixed, and should reappear in your character select screen.

Version 1.0.4編集

  • v. 1.0.4[4]
  • August 2nd, 2016

We’ve just released a small stable update that should fix the OSX crash introduced by v1.0.3, among other things!

Bug fixes編集

  • fix OSX crash when performing certain GUI actions
  • fix a graphical bug when fuel tank contains more than its maximum fuel capacity
  • fix bug preventing Dreadwing’s visible damage state from changing
  • fix arm images in Nuru’s portrait in teleport confirmation dialog
  • fix Blink Dash dropping through platforms
  • fix booster flame positions on T7 floran ship
  • fix some problems resolving facing direction while dual wielding e.g. fist weapons
  • fix some typographical errors
  • fix hover state in MM upgrade interface while an upgrade is selected
  • fix bug causing wand/staff projectiles to not track properly on win32
  • adjust a few item prices
  • adjust nutrition value of Toast and Potato Grids
  • better sound effect for Violium Broadsword special ability
  • better sound effect for Wooden Hatch
  • disable monster touch damage when they are in special invulnerable states (Spookit, Orbide, Peblit and Trictus)
  • increase chat bubble duration
  • revert a previous fix for players beaming into terrain; needs a more complex solution

Version 1.0.3編集

  • v. 1.0.3[5]
  • July 29th, 2016

We’ve fixed a whole buncha bugs.

Bug fixes編集

  • remove unbalanced wormerang listing from penguin weapon shop
  • resolve issue of banner rendering in front of a bookcase
  • resolve issue where the Grand Pagoda Library boss would sometimes reset
  • resolve issue where some weapons would let you wall jump in distortion sphere
  • make ore nibbler critter capturable without exploding
  • remove inappropriate tag from farm animal eggs
  • no longer open multiples of the same scripted interfaces (Rob Repairo, Tech Console)
  • resolve issue where cultists would die on destroying a ballista in the Baron’s Keep
  • remove elemental aura visual effect when changing weapons
  • resolve issue where techs would interfere with each others tool suppression
  • improve performance when player has a lot of quests
  • resolve some issues with grappling hook
  • bosses are now immune to healing from staff secondary abilities
  • some pixels in armors were bad and are now not bad
  • fix issue where crew ship benefits would reset on ship upgrade
    • this unfortunately resets your current fuel capacity and fuel efficiency benefits as they have been moved to a more reliable storage format
  • teach NPCs how to use some trickier doors like wooden gates
  • npcs may now get stuck in the ground less often
  • make tech gui not crash when encountering unknown tech
  • fix 3d printer issue when removing objects
  • change power scaling of crew members to more closely match the power scaling of the player
  • make it so saplings don’t break when they are unable to grow into a tree
  • players should no longer get stuck in the ground if they beam to a friend in distortion sphere
  • remove deprecated keybindings
  • remove reference to a missing asset for the Avian temple boss
  • gui adjustment to allow bigger numbers in the Terrramart shipment box
  • remove deprecated elevator recipes
  • fix tabbing issues in the codex window


  • statically link Visual C++ 2015 for the win32 version of starbound
  • keep rotten food in the food tab
  • UI usability improvements to server connect screen
  • dismiss confirmation windows when the source of them is not in reach
  • adjustments to ore samples
  • make it impossible to starve to death during cinematics
  • pressing the key for a selected action bar slot now deselects the slot
  • non-elemental Fluffalo drop more plant fibre
  • adjust npc and monster placement for generated quests
  • grappling hook adjustments; increased range, functional dual wielding
  • NPCs will now beam away to join your ship crew as soon as you recruit them
  • natural materials will now magically match the hue shift of the biome when placed
  • using the paint tool with the default color setting will clear any hue shift on unpainted blocks
  • make vertical scroll bars start at the top by default
  • improve one-handed damage of NPCs
  • add some clothes and dialog for novakids in generated quests
  • change some confusingly inaccurate labels for paintings in the grand pagoda library
  • tweak Shockhopper projectile lifetime and damage polys

Version 1.0.2編集

  • v. 1.0.2[6]
  • July 26th, 2016


We’ve just released a very small update that should fix a memory leak issue.

Version 1.0.1編集

  • v. 1.0.1[7]
  • July 25th, 2016


We’re still looking into some issues and will continue to push fixes as we fix things, but for now we’ve fixed these things:

  • Devalue material items to fix exploits crafting materials from other materials
  • Fix a couple of mislabeled key bindings
  • Make Erchius Ghosts immune to lava
  • Replace ropes in intro mission with healing items
  • Fix a bug which caused certain parts of the Glitch mission to reset in multiplayer
  • Fix a bug in server /ban command
  • Fix a case of undefined server behavior in transferring players between worlds
  • Fix several bugs with quest manager stagehands
  • Fix mossy packed dirt block recipe unlock
  • Fix a couple of item categories and descriptions
  • Fix physics effect abilities being able to move story NPCs, Erchius Ghosts, and certain bosses
  • Update window title
  • Add more Lua API documentation

Cheerful Giraffe (Version 1.0)編集

  • Cheerful Giraffe
  • December 7th, 2015 (Nightly)
  • July 9th, 2016 (Unstable) July 22nd, 2016 (Stable - 1.0)






  • あなたの船などの乗組員NPCを募集する機能
  • 募集する能力は、生成されたテナント/生成されたクエストのセット数を完了した後に利用可能になります
  • プレイヤーはしないことを選択した場合は別の方法として、彼らはoutpostにあるバーからペンギン傭兵の乗組員を募集することができ、テナント
  • 乗組員は従うと、それらの船外選手と一緒に戦うことができます
  • 乗組員の役割は、受動的な効果を提供するあなたの船を強化し、ユニークな利点を提供します。
  • クルーの衣装が、ロールによって着色されているが、任意の衣装は乗組員がテーラーを持って提供するようにカスタマイズすることができます。
  • 船の大きさのアップグレードは、現在の乗組員のサイズの拡大によりロックを解除することができます(オプション)
  • アップグレード船の大きさもプレイヤーに従うと、自分の船を占めることができる乗組員の数を増加させます
  • ペンギンの傭兵は(クエスト外の乗組員を収集するための代替方法として)outpostでSを使用して、dubloon採用することができます


  • クエストの進行完全に作り直し
  • 各人種の使命は、今のインスタンスを見つけ、特別なアーティファクトを取得するために手がかりを見つけるためのクエストラインを持っています。これらの手がかりは、成果物を検査するのNPCに話したり、他のクエストを完了することによって見つけることができます。
    • 新博物館側クエスト
    • 新しいアリーナサイドクエスト
  • Techs今の技術でそれらを訓練するためにユニークなコースでプレイヤーを送るクエストでロック解除されています。
  • 生成されたゲスト:These quests are generated to have villager NPCs と tenants throughout the game request players do things like gather a specific item or defeat a nearby enemy. Completing these quests can give players reputation かつ the NPC, と they may join your ship crew. These quests are endlessly generated, ensuring players will never run out of objectives they can choose to take on.




  • テックチャレンジコースが追加され、プレイヤーは最初のtechロック解除する前に、チャレンジコースquestlineを通過しなければなりません。
  • 完全リメイク&大幅ハイテクロック解除および進行を簡素化。
  • テックが今でロック解除されたOutpost新しく追加されたのtech lab
    • 三つの主要なハイテク種類、および12最寄の合計のためのタイプごとに利用可能な3つのアップグレードは、現在あります。
    • チャレンジコースで初期型のロックを解除した後、追加のアップグレードは、tech cardsを使用して、任意の順序で購入することができます。
    • ユーティリティは、/最寄の能力がバランスされています。彼らは一緒に組み合わせて、より良い仕事します。
  • 新しい (and updated) tech:
  • Techs can initially be switched out at the Outpost, a placeable Tech Console is unlocked later for purchase



その他 新しい Additions編集

その他 変更した編集

  • Many monsters now explode into unique particles when killed
  • The アクション bar can now be locked, preventing picked up items from filling empty slots
  • Improvements in stellar cloud/coloring
  • Monsters are now better scaled と animated in targeting portraits
  • Survival Mode (re-implementation of of hunger)
  • The hotbar has been completely redesigned
  • モデルチェンジ chat bubbles
  • モデルチェンジ SAIL console と window
  • The Ark has been moved beside the outpost
  • There are 新しい areas of the outpost, including a penguin ba
  • The Outpost ore vendor has been 変更した かつ a full shop, Ursa Miner
  • Updated many racial respawn animations
  • Huge overhaul of most UI windows
  • Many swords now have combo attacks when swung quickly
  • Updated health と energy bars. 追加した hunger bar to UI
  • Bosses now have a large health bar which also displays their name.
  • 追加した staffswands as procedually generated weapon 種類.
  • When hurt the player now has increased invincibility frames.
  • Villager NPCs now respond when players take オブジェクト from their dwellings.
  • When a monster is hit by a player it’s unable to damage the player for a short period (Meaning you no longer have to worry about being hit by monsters caught in your special attacks).[9]
  • Adjusted character name generation (now first names only)
  • Items dropped on player death no longer time out
  • Wide seats can seat multiple characters.
  • 防具のツールチップを作り直した
  • 変更した regeneration while in beds かつ resting effect
  • 現在、NPC達は話すとき、おしゃべりサウンドを持つ。
  • All weapons reworked/optimized as they were migrated to activeitem 種類
  • Novakids now glow faintly
  • Glowbugs now glow faintly, と glow when captured inside jars.
  • 追加した クラフト材料 tab to the inventory window
  • アイテムを拾うとき、Inventoryのタブは、正しいタブに自動的に変わります
  • 食べ物は腐敗するようになりました。(rotten foodになります。腐敗を防ぐにはrefrigerators置くこと)
  • すべての食物statsと治癒数値をリセット
  • 追加した 新しい Floran, Avian, と Apex の村の種類
  • 追加した Hylotl villages, ocean city, と ruined city
  • 追加した 新しい NPC 種族 Fenerox [1]

and much more

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