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non-playable race
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Cultural Style Tribal
Appearance Mushroomlike

アガランは、プレイヤーが使用できない種族です。 Agaran can be encountered in random buildings and villages on planets. They live in simple houses made of Mushroom Blocks and Wood Planks, and can also be found at small encampments, oftentimes holding Floran prisoners. As usual, attacking an Agaran will cause it and all nearby guards to attack the player.

アガランは、Mushroom Patchのミニバイオームの住居に住む、プレイヤーが使用できない種族です。 彼らはMushroom Blockでできている簡素な家に住んでいます、そして、しばしば小さな野営地でFloran囚人を囲んで、見つかります。 アガランを攻撃すると、近くのガードと共にプレーヤーを襲います。

Official introduction (The Agaran Menace)

Somewhere, out there amongst the stars, a group of Hylotl peace missionaries fiddle with their radio and attempt to contact home. They have no luck, just like the last time, and the time before, and the time before that. Outside of their cave, the entrance of which they've disguised with a net of branches and leaves, strange noises can be heard. Unusual, garbled chattering; an alien language, unknown to the Universal Linguistics Database. The automated translators fail to parse the chattering, but the Hylotl know. 'Find them,' the voices are saying. 'Find the fish people.'

The Hylotl are down to their last ration pack now. They ran out of bandages days ago, after Kawaski slipped down a cliff and needed patching up. He recovered, but they're in a bad way now. Hungry, thirsty, cold, warmed only by the campfire they dare not light until they're sure the creatures outside are gone.

Agarans, they are called. Named by Greenfinger, of course. What creature isn't these days? The Agarans are plants - the Hylotl knew this coming to the planet, they knew the risks, the suspicion the Agarans regard them with, their unknown connection to the Florans. But the Agarans have been peaceful until now. Sure, they've been cropping up more and more around the galaxy; spreading, spore-like, although nobody has ever seen them engage in space travel.

Of course, the Hylotl sent their peace missionaries to make contact, to understand this strange, mushroom-like species. To guide them down the right path, to distance them from the vile Florans. But here, on this remote planet, the Agarans proved just as menacing as any other murderous plant.

The missionaries encountered the first group standing around a towering monolith made of plant matter. They were chanting, singing, dancing. The smell of blood and fire lingered on the air. Blindly, arrogantly, the missionaries approached. The Agarans stared at them, then began to jabber in that strange, unknown language. Then, seemingly as if commanded by a silent voice, they began to attack.

The missionaries - or what remains of them anyway - huddle together in the cave. The spores are spreading. Outside, the voices are growing louder. There's a rustling, then nothing. One of the missionaries breathes a sigh of relief, and then the camouflage is torn away from the cave entrance, and the Agarans stand there, murder in their mushroom eyes.

'Go,' one of the older missionaries whispers to Coralgrower. 'You're still young, strong. You can make it. We'll hold them off. Go.'

'Go and warn the universe about the Agaran menace.'

Coralgrower flees, charging through the dark cave, trying to ignore the sounds of battle behind her. Trying to ignore those voices, those sounds, and then... that strange, growling sound, not like a creature at all, but the sounds of something taking root, growing, spreading, filling the mouth of the cave, chasing her down, down, down the dark tunnel, the scent of sap and oak dancing just behind her, out of sight.

Coralgrower does not stop running until she reaches open ground, and teleports up to the ship. She knows the others are lost. Her heart still racing, her breath still ragged, Coralgrower sits in the captain's chair and makes the jump. [1]


The following are examples of Agaran dialogue. Their response differs depending on the race the player's character is.
  • <Universal Translation error. Language not recognised. Attempting to parse.>
  • Hoom. Plesta mesti hairthing.
  • Humfah. Hairthing chop nab feara.
  • Hoom! Nab chop Giant Hairthing. Weepa?
  • Halhoom, hairthing. Nab smashroom, plesta.
  • Hoom. Hairthing hairface carpa woodshroom.
  • Plesti cantara, shroomy workest!
  • Hoom. Mesti nab chop hairthing. Halhoom!
  • Hoom! Hop chop, hairthing! Halb squishfish?
  • <Universal Translation error. Language not recognised. Attempting to parse.>
  • Hoom flap! Bizarra no Kluex fry!
  • Halhoom sillypeck. Choka smashroom nab house.
  • Halhalhoom, weepa cantara swoop nab cloudchaser.
  • Hoomay, flap! Halberdeen habble fluffy peck. Shree!
  • Haba hoom, sillyflap! <mirthful sound> swoop bizarra!
  • Hoom! Hoom hoom! Chop smashroom nab peace kisser!
  • Hoom habba flap flap, deka nab peck?
  • Hoom? Scratchy mesti cuddle?
  • <Universal Translation error. Language not recognised. Attempting to parse.>
  • Hoom! Hoom hoom shroom! Plant naturra kissface!
  • Halhoom! Nab feara deka plant!
  • Hoom. Halb weepa nab smashroom.
  • Kissface plant! Nab halb squishfish! <maniacal sound>
  • Halhalhalhoom, carpa house fry plant! Seemingly.
  • Habahoom squishfish, nab oaken smashroom cantaloupe!
  • Plant hoom! Kissface chop growa, halb!?
  • Hoom. Hoom plant. Nabi spike cutshroom, plesta?
  • <Universal Translation error. Language not recognised. Attempting to parse.>
  • Hoom, clankbeast. Habba nab cartography spaceshroom.
  • Halhoom, okay. Nab chop weepa, deka hairthing? Flap?
  • Halhalhoom. Smashroom nab plant?
  • Hurm. Hoom. Clankbeast house fry, shroomy halb.
  • Clankbeast! Chop carpa, cantara.
  • Hoom clankbeast. Halb plesti cantara, nab?
  • Hoom. Shroomy nab clankbeast feara. Mesti bravada!
  • Hoom. Clankbeast halb mesti, deka plant?
  • <Universal Translation error. Language not recognised. Attempting to parse.>
  • Hoom! Meat habble person nab fry!
  • Hoom meat. Seemo bizarra stamper!
  • Halhoom smooth! Chop deka halberdeen cartography!
  • Hoomah! Mesti hop smashroom danger!
  • Hoom! Halhoom!
  • Halmarr, spike circular deka bizarra!
  • Meat hoom! Enjoy house choka smashroom?
  • Halhalhoom! Tentacrush weepa no meat.
  • <Universal Translation error. Language not recognised. Attempting to parse.>
  • Huh huh hoom? Squishfish...
  • Nab! <unintelligible gasping sounds>
  • Nab halb smashroom, squishfish! Cantara nab house, chop!
  • Kissface plant nab cutshroom, squishfish. Threaten!
  • Squeak. Hoom nab.
  • Hoom. Mesti nab disbravada, squishfish.
  • <angry muttering sounds>
  • Nab house, squishfish! Nab nab nab.


At the moment, Agarans are merely Florans wearing an Agarian hat, Red Bonesmith armor, and wielding the human "Cool Broadsword" weapon.


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