Asra Nox
Tier 3 boss
Health HP
Phases 1
Mission Hylotl Mission Icon.png Great Pagoda Library
Drops Solus Katana Icon.png Solus Katana (10%)
Asra Nox Figurine Icon.png Asra Nox Figurine (5%)

Asra Nox is a female (as referenced by Esther) human boss found in at the end of the Hylotl mission, the Grand Pagoda Library. Orphaned as a child by a band of alien brigands, she was Esther Bright's personal protegé before her hatred of non-humans led her to part ways with Bright and become the leader of the Occasus cult.


Asra fight takes place in a small square room. Player can either stand on the ground or one of two bookcases.


Energy Beam編集

Asra stays on the ground in one of corners of the room and prepares a powerful laser. To avoid this attack, simply jump onto bookcases or use your sphere tech. Note: she won't do this attack in her first cycle.

Kunai Blast編集

Asra flies into the air and shoots orange shards, which stay on the ground and then blow up. To avoid this attack, stay on the bookcase opposite of Asra.

Solus Dash編集

Asra teleports to one side of a room and dashes to another side, damaging players who got caught up by this attack. She does this two times in a row - on the bookcases and on the ground. Avoid first attack by dropping down and the second by jumping up.

Homing Sphere編集

Asra transforms into Distortion Sphere and homes in on player. To avoid this use your own Distortion Sphere (Press [F] to transform), roll forwards and backwards until she stop to catch her breath. If you don't have a Distortion Sphere, simply run from one side of the room to the other. When you get close to the wall, start running back immediately when Asra hits the floor.


You need 3 things to complete this fight:

  1. Decent armor to tank a few hits.
  2. Some bandages to mitigate said hits.
  3. Weapon with highest damage per second (A spear with the "Blade Whirl" or "Flurry" special is recommended) you can find.

Wait until Asra finishes her Sphere attack. She then stops to catch her breath, during this her shield is down. Go to her and do as much damage before the next cycle of attacks starts. Repeat until victory.

Most of her attacks can be ignored by using the Spike Sphere Tech to cling to either the right or left wall. Make sure to bring a good dash tech to avoid her when she herself turns into a sphere.

Second Encounter編集

Asra Nox is also fought in the quest Opening the Ark, just before facing off against the center of the Ruin.


The arena where Asra is refought is a simple, flat surface in an enclosed area.


Asra only uses her Solus Dash and Homing Sphere. After using Homing Sphere, her defensive shield will cut out and she will stop for a moment to regain her energy. Additionally, the Solus Dash is only performed once as opposed to the two times in her first match.


The player shouldn't even feel challenged by this mini-boss. If you've survived the first fight against Asra, the second fight will go down easily. Just make sure that if you take any damage, you use a health restorative to get ready for the next challenge...

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