Erchius Horror
Tier 1 boss
Crystal Boss
Health 5280 HP
Phases 3
Mission Lunar Base Icon Erchius Mining Facility


Drops Erchius Eye Icon Erchius Eye (10%)
Erchius Horror Figurine Icon Erchius Horror Figurine (5%)

The Erchius Horror is the boss encountered during the mission at the Lunar Base. It was first teased in a daily development update on the game's official site[1]. It has a total of three phases.

After going through the underground base, players will enter a large room with the crystal at the center. To defeat it, players must fire the Lunar Laser beneath it after activating four wall switches surrounding the boss. This must be done three times in order to defeat the boss.

Mechanics 編集

The Erchius Horror fires continuous beams from its eye, and uses a different pattern in each phase. After each time it fires the beams, it will pause for a moment and spawn a moontant.

  • Phase one: Fires two beams vertically and slowly rotates them in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • Phase two: Fires two beams vertically and two beams horizontally. These beams are significantly faster than the first phase beams. It rotates them in a clockwise direction and then rotates them in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Phase three: Fires four beams diagonally and sweeps them throughout the entire room. The only safe spots are directly above and directly below and horizontal to the boss.

Strategy 編集

As with any boss fight, bring healing items such as bandages or food. The Energy Dash and Pulse Jump techs are highly recommended for dodging and mobility. To negate fall damage, use the bouncy tech. The beams can be blocked with a shield or broadsword, if timed correctly. Keep in mind that staying calm and being familiar with the beams rotation, as well as the platforms, will save you from a lot of frustration or insta-death falls. Use the best armor available to increase survivability.

For phase one simply move and trigger the switches in a counter-clockwise manner. Once the boss has been fired upon once phase two starts -- is very easy to take damage in this phase. Use Energy Dash and Pulse Jump to avoid the beams, and block the beams if they cannot be dodged. Trigger the switches quickly and calmly to minimize damage.

Be patient in the third and final phase. Start from the bottom. Trigger a bottom switch and run back below the boss. Wait until the boss is done firing the beams, and then trigger the other switch. Run back below the boss and wait. After the beams, move to the top and repeat. When both switches are triggered, wait until the next attack is done before moving to and activating the Lunar Laser.


If you move outside of the top/bottom areas, you will continually take damage, whether or not the beam is hitting you.


Despite the Erchius Horror being a Tier 1 Boss, it has the most health, even more than the Shockhopper MK I.