Scientist Quest Portrait Jumping To The Right Conclusion
Side Quest

Jump-starting Development

依頼人: Scientist Elliott
  • Talk to Elliott to enter the obstacle course
  • Complete the Pulse Jump Tech obstacle course
  • Return to Elliott at the Outpost

提出: Scientist Elliott
Pixels-Sell 200
Jump-starting Development
Rounding Up The Components

Jumping To The Right Conclusion is a quest given by Apex Scientist Elliott in the Tech Lab after completing Jump-starting Development.

After accepting the quest speaking to Elliott again will give the option to teleport to a tech challenge course. In this course the pulse jump tech is automatically enabled, which adds a double jump when the jump key is pressed in mid-air. Players must carefully use this new tech to reach the end of the course. Along the way there will be a variety of obstacles and traps, but there's no mortal danger inside the course.

At the end of the course is a teleporter back to the outpost. Once back there the pulse jump tech will be available for use, as well as a variety of available upgrades for it at the console in the tech lab.


Outpost Scientist

Scientist Elliott


"My Pulse Jump Tech needs thorough testing before I can begin distributing it. My new obstacle course is ready and waiting! Talk to me again when you decide you're ready to try it out."


"The Pulse Jump Tech appears to be operating wonderfully! Keep that one, you've earned it. Come see me again when you're ready for more work."