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Cultural Style Wild West
Appearance Starlike

The Novakids are a playable race in Starbound 追加した in update Upbeat Giraffe. They are themed after the American Wild West. Novakids emit a faint glow when in darkness, but not enough to light up a cave.[1]


Official introduction編集

Forged aeons ago in the fusion furnaces of a now-dead star, the Novakids are a perfect example of nature’s emergent beauty. These creatures, described by a human astronomer as “interstellar gas-bag people”, have no known single origin point: that information is long lost, as the Novakids have little to no desire to record their history, or even pass it on to their offspring. Though they are (generally) more intelligent and intuitive than the “fleshy” races, their attention spans are lacking – this does not make them any less effective in combat, but has the effect of restricting their technology research (and any groundbreaking research is forgotten within a few generations).

The force that drives the Novakids is contained within the brand on their faces. Charged with huge amounts of energy, these pieces of metal generate the hard plasma “shells” which stop their constituent gases from leaking – if a Novakid is depleted of his or her vital gases, the energy contained within their brand is instantly vented into the very fabric of space-time, leaving only a twisted metal symbol and a nearly undetectable warping of light around the area of death.

Since the Novakids have a short memory (and attention span), diplomatic relations can be strained at times; because of their completely different composition to other lifeforms, Novakids are sometimes unable to grasp the nuances of interracial social interactions, and have thus attained a slightly dubious reputation amongst other races. In particular, an Avian diplomat reportedly described a Novakid he met as “dense”, and elaborated upon his statement by mentioning that the Novakid in question had cheerily asked him if his god, Kluex, was real. [2]

Race creation編集

The Novakids were introduced as a stretch goal reward for pre-order sales reaching $500,000.

The race was a player suggestion by Bietol. His original proposal for the race can be found here. He credits Suika Ibuki with inspiring the race with his suggestion and art for the Anodynes race here. Both Bietol and Suika were awarded a custom forum badge Novakids Badge for their work


Starter Clothing編集

Novakid Ship編集

Novakid Ship Upgrade 3

A Novakid Ship Pet

The original race suggestion by Bietol suggested the Novakid would have an old locomotive-like ship.[3]

The ship was later designed to adhere to the train like design by Supernorn and shared in a daily update.[4]

Other Information編集

The native names of Novakids are typically derived from organic nomenclature in chemistry, especially if it pertains to nonpolar molecules; such molecules are often flammable and used for fuel. For example, you may encounter Novakids named "Decane Oxide" (derived from the nonpolar molecule Decane, a chemical used in gasoline), "Methox Sulfide" (derived from the Methoxy- and -sulfide groups in chemistry), or "Xylene Burner" (derived from the molecule Xylene, a solvent frequently encountered in petroleum products). Even though some of the said chemicals are not usually seen in fuel, this is most likely a reference on the creator's part to the volatile and organic gases that make up the flesh of Novakids.

Although the Novakid's short attention span has lead to many believing them to forget what they're doing moments after the fact, Bietol has stated the following:

  • "I see this notion here and there where Novakid appear to have brains like crows & goldfish.
  • I really intended for them to be more like Leonardo da Vincis in the sense that:
    • he was a brilliant guy, but he often didn't finish things because his interest in the project would wane after time not because he saw something shiny, or forgot what he was doing he also had too many things that he wanted to do
  • and then, unlike da Vinci, the Novakid:
    • live in the now, with little care for learning from or preserving the past
      • imagine if da Vinci didn't keep a journal
      • imagine also if da Vinci didn't like to read books (maybe he really didn't, I don't know)
    • are non perfectionists; they can settle for "good enough"
  • Here's an example of how technology propagates for them in light of these traits:
    • A novakid sees a floran space ship in action and is inspired
    • He sets out to make on his own, trying to reverse engineer what he can from what he saw in his memory
    • this is not actually something you reverse engineer from sight, but somehow he manages a very crude makeshift space ship
    • he's satisfied; he's spent enough time on this machine and it does what he wants it to
    • his kid sees this work and thinks "cool, me too!"
    • he doesn't ask his dad how he did it, though. Even if he did, his dad would not want to explain it - it's like asking "How do I program a Starbound?" And even if his dad did explain, Junior would not be able to sit through more than an hour of it. He'd rather be working with his hands than listening to theory.
    • instead, he does the same thing his dad did: trying to reverse engineer it
    • however, since his dad's space ship is much simpler and readily accessible, Junior is able to complete his version much sooner
    • before Junior becomes bored/satisfied and stops, he throws in a couple improvements of his own
    • Junior's kid also sees this work and thinks "cool, me too!"
    • the next generation of space ship comes out even more refined and improved. However, this space ship takes a little longer to develop since NovaShip II is a little more complex to understand than NovaShip I, there are fewer improvements this time around, since it took longer to "catch up," and the engineer wants to do other things this continues until the time spent trying to understand the old tech does not leave enough time to introduce new tech, and the general complexity of the ship reaches a standstill"[5]



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