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脅威: やや危険 (Tier 3) 天候
星タイプ: Temperate Clear.pngRain1.pngThunder.png
保護パック: None
ミニバイオーム: None
派生バイオーム: None
Ocean Biome Surface.png
Ocean Biome Screenshot.png

The surface of an ocean biome.

Ocean is a primary biome type characterized by a vast expanse of water with small scattered sandy islands. Traversing the surface is best done with boats or by swimming. The ocean floor is covered with plantlife|breakable shells|and possibly submerged ruins. Ocean planets are a 'risky' threat level|geared toward tier 3 in progression.

Ocean planets can be found orbiting temperate (orange) and radioactive (yellow) star types. There are no environmental hazards in ocean biomes which require use of an environmental protection pack aside from deep oceans which can drown players not using a Breathing EPP.

The water found on ocean planets is infinite|and cannot be drained. All air below surface level is replaced with water. To build underwater and not have water spawn inside your structure|you must replace the background and foreground with blocks|then remove the foreground blocks and water will stop spawning.

Ocean water also cannot be converted into other liquids|such as poison. Pouring poison onto water will normally result in the conversion of the water into poison|however|pouring poison onto ocean water results in the poison disappearing with no effect to the ocean water.

By creating a box with foreground blocks|placing background blocks inside of the box|and then removing the water and replacing it with healing water|and then removing one background block|it is possible to create a healing water generator|as when removed|the water flowing in through the background is transformed into healing water. Ocean planets are ideal for constructions which may require an infinite source of water|like liquid converters or automated crop watering.

Crabcanos|Lilodons|Monopus|and Snagglers all have a chance to be found in ocean biomes. Hylotl structures Hylotl Underwater City and Hylotl Underwater Ruins are the only settlements found on ocean planets.


  • A planet of deep oceans and small islands. My readings indicate that aquatic life is abundant and that the islets of the surface are extremely picturesque.
  • An ocean covered planet spotted with islands and teeming with life. My readings indicate that there is a great deal of activity in the depths of the waters.
  • Floating desert islands pepper the surface of this ocean planet. An environment of tropical ambiance and aesthetic.


The surface layer of oceans is primarily made up of water with small scattered islands made from sand and sandstone. Commonly these islands have palm trees which can be harvested for a few wooden logs and coconuts.

Ocean planets are mostly covered in water which spawns endlessly. There's no way to gather all of the water found in oceans.

Ores can be found on surface islands|with of copper|silver ore|gold|titanium and tungsten available in small quantities. Most ore is accessible beneath the ocean floor.

メイン材料 サブ材料 地質材料


Ocean planets do not have any sub biomes which appear|and oceans do not appear as a sub biome on any other planet types.


There are no mini-biomes found on the surface or underwater in Ocean biomes.

Ocean planets do have two "biome levels" though|the ocean surface and the ocean floor. Each have their own distribution of drops|materials and crops.


Weather in ocean biomes is mostly clear|with occasional rain or storms. Weather happens for each planet based on a probability for each weather type to occur; the probability for weather types on Ocean planets is as follows:

Clear.png Clear (80%)
Rain1.png Rain (10%)
Thunder.png Storms (10%)


There are a variety of harvestable crops found in each biome. These can be harvested by interacting with them or by digging them up. They'll drop produce and have a chance to drop a seed which can be replanted.

Ocean biomes also have some tree resources available like coconuts and kelp which can both be reharvested from replanting palm trees and kelp saplings.


In addition to procedurally generated creatures|there are a variety of unique monsters|bugs and critters found in ocean biomes. Some of these are also found in other biomes|while others are unique only to oceans. While these unique creatures have a chance to appear on ocean planets|they will not all appear on each one. In addition to unique creatures|each planet has multiple types of both procedural ground and flying creatures.

Unique monsters each have combat attacks|and they must first be weakened before capture. Once weakened players can attempt to capture using a capture pod. If successful they can then be released to battle alongside the player.

Critters are smaller non-combat unique creatures also capturable using capture pods. They can be captured without weakening them first. After releasing a critter from its capture pod it will stay in the area it was released into. Flying and swimming critters cannot be captured using capture pods.

are very small unique creatures which can be captured using a bug net|and are then stored inside placeable jars.

ユニーク モンスター
Jelly Critter.gif
Fish Lemon.gif
Lemon Fish
Fish Berry.gif
Berry Fish
Fish Chili.gif
Chili Fish
Seahornet Bug.png
Seahornet Bug
Tidefly Bug.png
Tidefly Bug
Wavebird Bug.png
Wavebird Bug

ユニーク ドロップ編集

There are a variety of items which are specific to chests found in ocean biomes. Some of these may have a chance to be found in other places throughout the universe|but they've all been specifically allocated to chests within ocean biomes.

Ocean biomes have two treasure pools|one for the surface and one for the ocean floor. There are a variety of items which can only be found in one area|but not the other.

Ocean Surface編集

Ocean surface treasure can be found on the small islands which are scattered across the surface of the water.

Combat Items
Hawaiian Set
Hawaiian Set.png
Pirate Set
Pirate Set.png

Ocean Floor編集

Ocean floor treasure can be found in chests along the ground at the bottom of the ocean.

While a number of the items found in ocean floor chests are diving masks|they're purely cosmetic and don't actually provide the player any protection from running out of breath underwater.

Buccaneer Set
Buccaneer Set.png

Ocean Tagged Objects編集

Some objects found in ocean biomes are tagged with the object tag ocean. There are no tenants associated with the ocean object tag.

オブジェクト カテゴリ 価格 説明 タグ
decorative 65 A broken anchor Ocean
light A glowing oshroom. Ocean
light A glowing oshroom. Ocean
light A glowing oshroom. Ocean
light A glowing oshroom. Ocean
light A glowing oshroom. Ocean


Oceans only have a chance to have two settlement types appear. They're both Hylotl; an underwater dungeon and city. There are also a variety of small friendly dwellings which can be found on scattered islands on the ocean surface.

When looking for Hylotl settlements ocean planets are best since they are the only settlement type.


The only village type found on ocean worlds are Hylotl Underwater City.


Ocean planets have a chance to have Hylotl Underwater Ruins dungeons on them.