Scorched planet
脅威: 非常に危険 (Tier 6) 天候
星タイプ: Frozen SpacejunkSandstorm1SmallmeteorstormMeteorstorm
保護パック: Status Heat Cooling EPP Upgrade
ミニバイオーム: None
派生バイオーム: Volcanic
Scorched planet surface

Decayed is a primary biome characterized by its burnt|post-apocalyptic look and urban garbage. It has dry weather|warm temperatures|little or no trees|and no other plant life. Decayed planets are notable by having ruined cities in the background suggesting that the planets were once populated and may still have some inhabitants. Decayed planets are a 'inconceivable' threat level|geared towards tier 6 in progression.

Decayed planets can be found orbiting frozen (blue) and fiery (red) star types. Unless players have a Cooling EPP Upgrade equipped they'll take increasing damage while on the surface from deadly heat.

Crabcano|Crustoise|Fennix|Ignome|Peblit|Pyromantle|Scandroid and Smoglin all have a chance to be found in decayed biomes.


Decayed planets can be identified by the keyword scorched in their navigation console description.

  • The landing location is a scorched wasteland. The atmospheric temperature is dangerously high. It is impressively brave of you to consider this destination.
  • The beam site is scorched and desolate. Little is capable of surviving here as the temperature is fatally high. People live in the area|but I cannot fathom why.
  • The landing site is scorched by the intense heat of the planet's surface. Only a few hardy individuals remain|possibly out of pure habit.


The surface layer of decayed planets is primarily made up of Dry Sand|Dry Dirt|Cobblestone|Stone Rubble|and Junk Pile.

All late-game ores are found in decayed biomes|with coal and copper available near the surface.

The surface of the ground is mostly covered in dirt and junk|and the topography is often hilly with small subterranean caves.

メイン材料 サブ材料 地質材料


Decayed is a planetary biome with dry conditions and abundant Wooden Utility Poles. Volcanic and Midnight biomes have a chance to appear as smaller biomes on decayed planets. Watch out for the landmines and explosive barrels that litter the surface.

Decayed biomes can be found as a sub-biome on Tundra and Volcanic planets.


Decayed biomes do not have any mini-biomes of their own|but decayed planets can have sub-biomes of Volcanic and Midnight which in turn can provide their own mini-biomes.


Weather on decayed planets is mostly a perpetual storm of dust and loose junk with a chance of sandstorms in addition to small or large meteorites. Each decayed planet has one of these two pools of weather|and it will not change. Decayed planets without a meteorite shower chance will never have meteor shower weather.

Weather happens for each planet based on a probability for each weather type to occur; the probability for weather types on decayed planets is as follows:

Type 1
Spacejunk Junkstorm (98%)
Sandstorm1 Sandstorm (2%)
Type 2
Spacejunk Junkstorm (86%)
Smallmeteorstorm Small Meteorites (3%)
Meteorstorm Sandstorm (1%)


The only crop native to decayed biomes is Wartweed. These can be harvested by interacting with them or by digging them up. They'll drop produce and have a chance to drop a seed which can be replanted.


In addition to procedurally generated creatures|there are a variety of unique monsters|bugs and critters found in decayed biomes. Some of these are also found in other biomes|while others are unique only to decayed biomes. While these unique creatures have a chance to appear on decayed planets|they will not all appear on each one. In addition to unique creatures|each biome has multiple types of both procedural ground and flying creatures.

Unique monsters each have combat attacks|and they must first be weakened before capture. Once weakened players can attempt to capture using a capture pod. If successful they can then be released to battle alongside the player.

Critters are smaller non-combat unique creatures also capturable using capture pods. They can be captured without weakening them first. After releasing a critter from its capture pod it will stay in the area it was released into. Flying and swimming critters cannot be captured using capture pods.

are very small unique creatures which can be captured using a bug net|and are then stored inside placeable jars.

ユニーク モンスター
Appo Float
Appo Float
Shadowmoth Bug
Shadowmoth Bug
Cinderfly Bug
Cinderfly Bug
Ashsprite Bug
Ashsprite Bug

ユニーク ドロップ編集

There are a variety of items which are specific to chests found in decayed biomes. Some of these may have a chance to be found in other places throughout the universe|but they've all been specifically allocated to chests within decayed biomes.

Decayed Chest is unique to this biome|and has a number of unique drops allocated to it.


Scorched Tagged Objects編集

Scorched is an object tag associated with objects and furniture that are associated with decayed biomes. These objects are used for spawning Deadbeat Merchant tenants.


名前 タイプ 種族 バイオーム オブジェクトタイプ (Boxes) 家賃タイプ 時間(frame)
Scorched Tenant
Deadbeat Merchant Merchant Human Decayed Scorched (18) Merchant 15 to 30 minutes


オブジェクト カテゴリ 価格 説明 タグ
storage 110 Everything you need to survive. Almost. scorchedstoragecommerce
decorative 55 An explosive metal barrel. It looks dangerous. scorched
door 0 A manhole cover. doorscorched
door 125 A trap door disguised as a metal platform. doorscorched
furniture 110 A scorched bench. scorched
decorative 110 An arrow sign. scorched
furniture 45 A clean and sturdy bed. scorched
decorative 45 A broken bed. scorched
decorative 75 A broken chair. scorched
decorative 110 A chest of drawers, minus a few drawers. scorched
decorative 110 A chest of drawers, minus a drawer. scorched
decorative 45 A counter with added grime. scorched
decorative 110 A broken electric box. scorched
decorative 110 A broken utility box. scorched
decorative 110 A broken fridge. scorched
decorative 110 A broken register. scorched
decorative 75 A road sign, it is bent and rusted. scorched
storage 250 A rusty metal shelf, some store goods still remain on the shelves. scorchedstoragecommerce
furniture 70 A broken wooden table. scorched
decorative 110 A rusty holding tank. scorchedmechanical
decorative 75 A set of traffic lights, badly broken. scorched
decorative 110 A broken television set. scorched
furniture 75 A stylish but sturdy chair. scorched
storage 70 A battered, decayed looking chest. scorchedstorage
storage 110 A large contemporary chest of drawers. scorchedstorage
storage 110 A small contemporary chest of drawers. scorched
storage 110 A clean looking counter. scorchedstorage
storage 110 A rusty crate. scorchedstoragecommerce
fridgeStorage 180 A contemprary style fridge, capable of extending the shelf life of food. scorchedstorage
storage 60 Ka-ching! scorchedcommerce
decorative 100 A warning sign, but what is it warning of? scorched
storage 75 A small rusty looking crate. scorchedstoragecommerce
storage 110 A metal shelf packed with store goods. scorchedstoragecommerce
furniture 70 A rounded wooden table. scorched
decorative 110 A popular style of television set. scorched
wire 20 An old, forgotten land mine. It may still be active! scorchedcombat
decorative 110 A wooden utility pole. scorched
decorative 110 A wooden utility pole. scorched


Decayed biomes have a chance to have most settlement types appear. There aren't any settlement types which are more likely to be found on decayed planets.




  • A group of Wooden Electric Poles with a cluster of storage containers and explosive barrels nearby
  • Scorched city ruins consisting of 1 to 2 towers roughly 2 to 3 floors in height
  • Underground shelters filled with crates and storage lockers. Some shelters are buried and contain chests. However|these buried shelters are often booby-trapped with explosives
  • The remnants of an old road system. Digging underneath the road may sometimes reveal chests
  • The scorched and burnt remains of shops or other single story buildings
  • The burnt-out and partially destroyed remains of city towers. Watch out for explosive barrels and wall-mounted explosives. If you find a building filled with junk blocks look for a chest nearby or dig through the junk to find it
  • Observation towers containing 1 to 2 enemy NPCs
  • Underground tunnels with a treasure chest at the end. The tunnels are booby-trapped with explosives but the chest contains valuable treasure
  • Elevated platforms with storage containers. Beware of land mines