Many different types of trees

A Tree is a common plant found on most biomes. They are procedurally generated, meaning that the appearance of their bark and foliage is selected from a range of possible sprites. Despite their wide range of appearances, most trees function essentially the same. When cut with the Matter Manipulator or any other appropriate Tool, a tree will leave behind several units of Wooden Log from which the player may craft a variety of objects and items. There are special types of trees in certain mini-biomes that drop different materials than Wooden Log:

Trees also drop Saplings which can be planted in dirt to grow new trees. Each Strange Seed takes the appearance of the tree it grows into, allowing seeds from different trees to be easily differentiated.

When a tree is examined the composite parts will form a description that can be used as a name. The name will be in the format "Trunk Type with Leaf Type".

Trunk Types編集

These are some of the basic types of trunk or bark. They come in a variety of colors and many have 'snow' versions.

Name Wood Type Biome/Planet Example
Bark - alienstriped.png Alienstriped Wood Alien Bark - alienstriped example.png
Bark - alienpalm.png Alienpalm Wood Alien Bark - alienpalm example.png
Bark - ashy.png Ashy Wood Magma, Volcanic Bark - ashy example.png
Bark - bark.png Bark Wood Desert, Tar Bark - bark example.png
Bark - barren.png Barren Wood Scorched Bark - barren example.png
Bark - beach.png Beach Wood Desert, Tar Bark - beach example.png
Bark - birch.png Birch Wood Spring Bark - birch example.png
Bark - blank.png Blank Wood Desert Bark - blank example.png
Bark - cactus.png Cactus Bark - cactus example.png
Bark - coal.png Coal Wood Magma Bark - coal example.png
Bark - cross.png Cross Wood Oasis Bark - cross example.png
Bark - cocoa.png Cocoa Wood Spring, Tundra, Snow Bark - cocoa example.png
Bark - crackly.png Crackly Wood Jungle Bark - crackly example.png
Bark - crispy.png Crispy Wood Magma, Volcanic Bark - crispy example.png
Bark - desertpalm.png Desertpalm Wood Bark - desertpalm example.png
Bark - fleshy.png Fleshy Wood Forest, Tundra Bark - fleshy example.png
Bark - giantflower.png Giant Flower Flower petals Giant Flower Bark - giantflower example.png
Bark - grumpy.png Grumpy Wood Tundra, Forest, Snow Biome Bark - grumpy example.png
Bark - lava.png Lava Wood Magma Bark - lava example.png
Bark - magma.png Magma Wood Magma, Volcanic Bark - magma example.png
Bark - metal.png Metal Wood (not metal coated) Tundra Bark - metal example.png
Bark - old.png Old Wood Bark - old example.png
Bark - oldwood.png Oldwood Wood Jungle Bark - oldwood example.png
Bark - palmlike.png Palm Like Wood Jungle Bark - palmlike example.png
Bark - pine.png Pine Wood Bark - pine example.png
Bark - pineytree.png Piney Tree Wood Garden Bark - pineytree example.png
Bark - plain.png Plain Wood Desert, Tar Bark - plain example.png
Bark - roottree.png Root Tree Wood Forest Bark - roottree example.png
Bark - savannahbleak.png Savannah Bleak Wood Bark - savannahbleak example.png
Bark - savannagloomy.png Savannah Gloomy Wood Bark - savannagloomy example.png
Bark - slimey.png Slimey Wood Forest, Snow Biome Bark - slimey example.png
Bark - something.png Something Wood Snow Biome Bark - something example.png
Bark - spikey.png Spikey Wood Forest, Snow Bark - spikey example.png
Bark - stripey.png Stripey Wood Bark - stripey example.png
Bark - twirl.png Twirl Wood Desert Bark - twirl example.png
Bark - twisted.png Twisted Wood Spring Bark - twisted example.png
Bark - twisty.png Twisty Wood Jungle Bark - twisty example.png
Bark - wood.png Wood Wood Jungle, Spring, Tundra Bark - wood example.png
Bark - woody.png Woody Wood Jungle Bark - woody example.png

Leaf Types編集

These are some of the basic types of leaves or foliage. They come in a variety of colors and many have 'snow' versions.

Name Biome Propagation Rate Example
Leaves - alienbigleaf.png Alien Big Leaf Alien Leaves - alienbigleaf example.png
Leaves - aliencircle.png Alien Circle Alien Leaves - aliencircle example.png
Leaves - autumny.png Autumny Leaves - autumny example.png
Leaves - bubbles.png Bubbles Spring, Forest ~2.3 Leaves - bubbles example.png
Leaves - brains.png Brains Forest, Snow ~3.7 Leaves - brains example.png
Leaves - cloudy.png Cloudy Spring ~4.5 Leaves - cloudy example.png
Leaves - craggy.png Craggy Leaves - snowcraggy example.png
Leaves - elegant.png Elegant Desert, Tar Leaves - elegant example.png
Leaves - fluff.png Fluff Volcanic ~2.6 Leaves - fluff example.png
Leaves - frumpy.png Frumpy Forest, Tundra ~3.3 Leaves - snowfrumpy example.png
Leaves - greenleaves.png Green Leaves Snow Biome Leaves - greenleaves example.png
Leaves - grey.png Grey Magma, Volcanic ~3 Leaves - grey example.png
Leaves - hanging.png Hanging Leaves - hanging example.png
Leaves - icepinefoliage.png Ice Pine Foliage Leaves - icepinefoliage example.png
Leaves - jungleleaf.png Jungle Leaf Jungle Leaves - jungleleaf example.png
Leaves - junglepalm.png Jungle Palm Jungle Leaves - junglepalm example.png
Jungly Leaves - jungly example.png
Leaves - leafy.png Leafy Tundra, Snow Leaves - leafy example.png
Lotus ~3.2
Leaves - lushgreen.png Lush Green Forest Leaves - lushgreen example.png
Leaves - lushleaves.png Lush Leaves Desert, Tar Leaves - lushleaves example.png
Leaves - lushy.png Lushy Jungle ~1 Leaves - lushy example.png
Leaves - orangeflower.png Orange Flower Spring Leaves - orangeflower example.png
Leaves - palmleaves.png Palm Leaves Desert, Tar Leaves - palmleaves example.png
Leaves - palmlush.png Palm Lush Leaves - palmlush example.png
Leaves - palmy.png Palmy Desert, Tar Leaves - palmy example.png
Leaves - patchy.png Patchy Scorched ~3 Leaves - patchy example.png
Leaves - pinefoliage.png Pine Foliage Garden Leaves - pinefoliage example.png
Leaves - piney.png Piney Leaves - piney example.png
Leaves - pinkflower.png Pink Flower Giant Flower Leaves - pinkflower example.png
Leaves - red.png Red Magma Leaves - red example.png
Leaves - redflower.png Red Flower Giant Flower Leaves - redflower example.png
Leaves - redleaves.png Red Leaves Forest, Tundra, Snow Biome Leaves - redleaves example.png
Leaves - roseleaves.png Rose Leaves Oasis Leaves - roseleaves example.png
Leaves - thorns.png Thorns ~1.5 Leaves - thorns example.png
Leaves - weirdly.png Weirdly Leaves - weirdly example.png
Leaves - willowy.png Willowy Leaves - willowy example.png
Leaves - whitepetals.png White Petals Giant Flower Leaves - whitepetals example.png

Unique Trees編集

Some trees only appear in unique combinations.

Name Biome Notes Example
Tree - baobab with baobab.png baobab with baobab Savannah Tree - baobab with baobab example.png
Tree - cactus with cactus flowers.png cactus with cactusflowersDesertDrops Cactus, can also be cactus with nothing Tree - cactus with cactus flowers example.png
Tree - coconut with cocopalm.png coconut with cocopalm Tropical Ocean Drops Coconuts Tree - coconut with cocopalm example.png
Tree - grasstree and bluebell.png grasstree and bluebellToxic Drops Toxic Waste and Plant Fibre Tree - grasstree and bluebell example.png
Tree - kelp with kelpy.png kelp with kelpy Tropical Ocean Drops Kelp Tree - kelp with kelpy example.png
Tree - colorfulstem with colorfulpalm.png colorfulstem with colorfulpalm Colourful Drops Rainbow Wood Tree - colorfulstem with colorfulpalm example.png
mushroomstalk with mushroomredtop Mushroom Patch Drops Mushrooms Leaves - mushroomredtop example.png
Rust Tree.png rust with rustflower Rust Drops Metal Coated Wood Leaves - rustflower example.png
geometricstem and geometricfoliage Ice Drops Ice Blocks, does not drop seedlings Tree - geometricstem and geometricfoliage example.png
eyestem with eyefoliage Eyepatch Drops Oculemon and Wood but not seedlings Tree - eyestem with eyefoliage example.png
crystalline with crystallinenofoliage Crystaline Drops Crystals, does not drop seedlings Tree - crystalline with crystallinenofoliage example.png
hivetree with hivetreetop Hive Drops Baby Larvas, does not drop seedlings HiveTree.jpg
shadowtree with shadowtreetop Midnight Drops Wood and Plant Fibre, does not drop seedlings Shadowtree.png