Visit The Outpost, Free as a Bird が、現在のバージョンで確認できた場合、

Esther Quest Portrait Visit The Outpost, Free as a Bird
Story Quest

The Erchius Mining Facility

依頼人: Esther
  • Scan objects to learn more about the Outpost
  • Return to Esther at the Ark

提出: Esther
Pixels-Sell 50
The Erchius Mining Facility
Find Clues to Locate the Floran Artifact

Visit The Outpost is a quest which Esther gives after the Erchius Mining Facility has been cleared and the player's ship has been repaired.

It sends the player to the outpost next to the ark where Esther gives the quest. Once at the outpost specific stores must be scanned using the matter manipulator's inspection mode. Once all the requires stores have been inspected the player returns to Esther for turn in.

This quest introduces the scanning mechanic which will be used to find 'clues' for each subsequent racial mission. Before getting the mission location players must find enough clues by inspecting objects in that race's villages or dungeons.


Esther Sprite



"Before you go jetting off, I'll teach you how to access and use the scan mode on your Matter Manipulator. There is a lot to be learned from your surroundings, and the Outpost is no exception. Press [N] to equip your scanner, key areas of interest will appear green. Let me know how you get on!"


"Excellent work. It may seem trivial, but scanning is an essential skill that will be pivotal in our search for the artifacts."

Required Stores編集

Each of the stores below must be scanned. Whenever players scan a store which is a requirement, Esther will send them a radio message describing the store.

The top and bottom of the penguin bar can be scanned, counting for two stores, allowing players to skip scanning one of the stores if they scan both parts.

Store Radio Message
"You can buy personal teleporters from this shop, extremely useful things."
"This console will allow you to equip Techs, greatly enhancing your mobility and dexterity.
"At this store you're able to create your own custom signs."
"The Terramart stocks farming and gardening supplies, among other things. They will even buy home-grown produce from you through their remote shipping service."
"This furniture shop sells a large selection of exotic pieces from across the universe, and regularly has new stock. It also sells colony deeds, which attract tenants when placed in dwellings."
"The barkeep in the Beak Easy will happily trade any diamonds you may have for penguin dubloons, which are popular among his mercenary clientele."
"Penguin Pete is an authority on automobiles, from hi-tech spacecrafts to humble hoverbikes."